Wednesday, November 18, 2009

About Me

Just thought I would post a little blurb about me on this how to spot fake silver blog for those who are interested.

My name is Tim and I have been investing in silver bullion and silver coins for the past 10 years. The recent spike in price has really got me excited as the silver to gold ratio closes even further. I will be holding onto my silver bullion for a while as none of it is fake silver! LOL When the ratio reaches 1:10 I will be selling my silver for a disgustingly beautiful profit.

In my last blog post about how to spot fake silver I told you how to tell fake silver, so you have no reason to be freaked out about buying fake silver. It probably won't happen! It's too much work for the manufacturer!

If you need any more advice about spotting fake silver, be sure to make a comment or send me an email here at the how to spot fake silver site I have conveniently set-up for you!


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